3 things you didn’t know Nintendo Switch could do

Everyone loves Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch OLED: Whether it’s the new Nintendo Switch Sports or your well-used copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, that unmistakable Nintendo gaming joy means the Switch is the one of the best consoles of all time.

But while you’ve no doubt explored every inch of your favorite platforms and tried out every Super Smash Bros. character, you might not have explored all the other things your Switch is capable of. Here are three things you might not know your Switch can do.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers

(Image credit: Nintendo)

1. Find lost controllers, then tune your guitar

Can’t find your controller? Go to the Controllers view and select the second option, Search for Controllers. This brings up a grid showing all the controllers you have associated with your Switch, and you can vibrate the selected one so you can find it. The vibration creates a tone that you can hear, and if you’re not too picky, you can use it to tune a guitar or similar instrument: it’s very, very close to an E note in concert pitch and close enough for a quick deal and blast from Wonderwall.

Nintendo Lab

(Image credit: Nintendo)

2. Turn it into a robot costume or the Joy-Cons into lightsabers

I’ve yet to meet another parent who’s heard of Nintendo Labo, which lets your kids (or big kids like me) turn the Switch into physical objects like a robot suit. Part of that may be down to price, but if you’ve got the cash and plenty of time to spare – Lab kits can be very involved and time consuming as interesting LEGO projects – they’re brilliant things to work with. young children.

There’s also a fun easter egg inside the Labo Variety Kit: after the tutorial, hold or X with L/R to transform the on-screen Joy-Con into a lightsaber, ready for a style duel Jedi.

Nintendo Switch logo and Bluetooth

(Image credit: Nintendo/Bluetooth)

3. Use Bluetooth headphones

The Switch launched without support for Bluetooth headphones, so if you’ve had your Switch for a while, you might not have noticed the addition of Bluetooth Audio in a system update. If you go to System Settings > Bluetooth Audio, you can pair an audio device such as a pair of the best wireless headphones. Bluetooth microphones are not supported and you are limited to using two wireless controllers when Bluetooth Audio is active.

nintendo switch

(Image credit: Nintendo)

I mentioned Nintendo Switch Sports earlier; if you are going to play it, the bigger the screen, the more fun it becomes. It’s one of those games that really shines on the best gaming TVs. Just a word of warning, and believe me, it’s a lesson learned the hard way: don’t let the kids or your friends play without putting anything between them and the TV, and without making sure they are wearing the straps. It turns out that LED TVs are very easy to break.

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