17 Non-Singing Line-Up Changes That Impacted Rock And Metal

Of course, swapping lead singers seems like the most substantial change a rock or metal band can go through. But what about major line-up changes involving other musicians? There are plenty of examples where these changes have had a massive effect.

After all, the consequence of such an exchange has an acute impact on the group. But often the change carries over to the rest of rock music. This is especially true when a band member dies and the surviving artists are faced with the choice of replacing the musician.

Perhaps most notably, the death of Cliff Burton led to Jason Newsted joining Metallica. Would Newsted have stayed with Flotsam and Jetsam had he not secured the spot? What would Metallica look like if Newsted hadn’t been replaced by Robert Trujillo? These changes and their effects are pivotal moments in the group’s history today.

But there were plenty of notable changes in the non-singer lineup that didn’t result in fatalities. Like when drummer Art Cruz replaced Chris Adler in Lamb of God, though Adler’s brother, guitarist Willie Adler, remained in the band. Or when Korn drummer Ray Luzier supplanted original member David Silveria.

These are just a few examples of lineup changes with musicians in addition to the vocalist that were notable changes. What other memorable member swaps can you think of that didn’t affect the singer?

Below, check out 17 non-vocalist lineup changes that impacted rock and metal. It shows how critical changing a band member beyond the figurehead can always be.

17 Non-Singing Line-Up Changes That Impacted Rock And Metal

Changing singers is one thing, but what about rock and metal songwriting? does not have involve a lead singer? Here are 17 specifically non-singing line-up changes that still resonate today.

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Sometimes change turns out to be good.

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