10 Unusual and Cool Guitars You Can Actually Play


It’s time to rethink what a guitar can be

When I think of cool guitars, I remember Wayne’s World. Do you remember that scene? Wayne picks up the Fender Stratocaster he adores and starts playing Highway to Heaven, only to be silenced by a “no stairs” sign hanging in the guitar store.

My dad plays guitar (but not weird guitars), so this scene was of particular interest to me. I thought the guitar they were featuring (because it made its way into Wayne’s World, after all) was the coolest guitar around.

Have I ever been wrong. I had no idea what the world of cool guitars had to offer. Creativity knows no bounds in this case. As a result, the people who have developed these amazing instruments deserve all the recognition they get in their industry.

These works of art are not only inventive and visually appealing (most of the time), but they have completely redesigned what a guitar can be.

Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting cool guitars in the world, and you can see for yourself how amazing they are.

Top 10 Unusual and Cool Guitars That Are Actually Playable

10. The villain

Customized by Rhodes Jackson

This supremely punk creation is a one of a kind guitar custom made by Rhodes Jackson. Reminiscent of the Old West, this rugged beast comes complete with gauges, pipes, gears, and rust. All of this adds to its rustic charm. This piece is a limited edition, and is not for sale. However, you can get one for yourself if you can find a custom guitar store in your area. However, it will probably cost you over US $ 1000 and surely add to your credibility as a guitarist.

9. Batio Quad Armorflame

cool guitars
Image: ffdp_norwegianknuckleheads on Instagram

Dean Michelangelo is a world famous guitarist who has had an exceptional impact on the music industry. His famous Armorflame looks wild, but it also serves some very practical functions. He designed it to help with its “shredding”, and it helps facilitate faster, more precise tuning and music. This pattern and design is suitable for Michelangelo’s wacky guitar skills. With its four heads and necks, you can also take it apart (pictured) into four individual guitars.

8. The newspaper

cool guitars
Image: @nick_shaw_guitarist on Instagram

I wonder if Les Paul was sitting with his friends in the forest smoking a joint and started to think about the more obscure materials he could build a guitar with. Sounds a bit like it, right? The log started out as a simple 4 × 4 wood log with strings attached. It worked, but after some refinements, the designer finally added traditional sides to it. It made it look like a more traditional guitar. The addition of sides improved the playability of the instrument.

7. Emerald guitars

cool guitars
Image: @emeraldguitars on Instagram

This guitar is designed and manufactured in Ireland. Emerald has been setting the bar for style and innovation in the guitar industry for years. Even today, the guitar with the cool frame and unique appearance sets the standard for revolutionary design. Their two most popular models, the Alien and the Bahamut, are amazing to watch and play. This guitar is from the cover of the album “Ultra Zone” with Steve Vai.

6. Gibson M-4 Sherman Explorer

cool guitars
Image: @ffdp_norwegianknuckleheads on Instagram

This guitar is a masterpiece for those who know what they are talking about. Famous guitarist Gibson has teamed up with Jason Hook of Five Finger Death Punch to customize this instrument. It’s a timeless classic among cool guitar enthusiasts.

5. Electric guitar company

cool guitars
Image: @aluminatiguitars on Instagram

The Electric Guitar Company is based in Florida. He is known for his cool, solid guitars that sound amazing and look really stylish. Aluminum and acrylic guitars are their most popular. Mastodon’s pop icon Brent Hind helped make them famous. Together, he and the company create a custom template to meet the needs and wants of incredible guitarists. Their revolutionary design and amazing features are all the rage among novice and expert guitarists. Its flashy metal look and aluminum touch scream rock n ‘roll!

4. Jackson Custom Shop Extreme Zodiac

cool guitars
Jackson Guitar Company x Pablo Santana

This guitar was built in collaboration between Jackson Guitar Company and master builder Pablo Santana. The Extreme Zodiac series was also designed by famous graphic designer Craig Fraser. It’s a guitar collaboration made in the staircase of paradise. Each guitar in the collection features a zodiac sign, true to its name. These guitars are limited edition and are available for $ 7,400.

3. Ibanez FRM 100

cool guitars
Paul Gilbert x Ibanez

Paul Gilbert created this incredible instrument. As a renowned musician and performer, he is known for his incredible shredder moves. His stage presence is also super notable. His fans in the music community are very numerous and he is known as a very happy and cheerful person. The Ibanez, which he made famous, is a classic piece with an original design inside out. It has a vintage 70s tailpiece, Korina body, wide neck which gives it a rugged look and a Bubgina touch.

2. Misa Kitara

cool guitars
Image: misadigital.com

This revolutionary guitar may well be one of the most innovative and weirdest to ever hit the music world. With a touch screen interface that features six virtual strings, it is very intuitive to play. For example, when you play this guitar, the strings adapt to the movements of your fingers! The design is based on innovative and futuristic technology. It can actually sense the movement of the frets on the side of the instrument and play accordingly! Unreal. For this reason, it offers a more diverse range of sounds than any other guitar in the world.

1. Ibanez TAM100

cool guitars
Image: @ibanezguitarworld on Instagram

Ibanez is a renowned guitar manufacturing company that has teamed up with famous guitarist Tosin Abasi. This custom model features a super innovative design, a light and agile frame and a comfortable handle. In other words, it is not only beautiful, but very functional. This creation is an eight-string instrument that spans the classic Ibanez creation known as the RG model. They made the massive body from basswood and decorated it with a gray-blue maple top. And… you guessed it. This guitar is not for sale.

In conclusion

Isn’t it amazing what talent and dedication can create when combined with skill and passion? These guitars are all industry leaders and their existence is inspiring. So go ahead, dear guitar enthusiast, and create something cool like this. It doesn’t have to be a guitar… it can even be a single riff or a song that only inspires one person.

Art comes in many forms. In this case, a guitar is one of them.


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