10 Anime Characters Who Fight With Their Eyes Closed

When creating anime characters, writers and animators have found many ways to express their personality and intricacies through their creations. In anime, the trope of characters with closed eyes is called “kitsune no me” (fox eyes) and is commonly used to display cunning characters who are devious and mischievous.

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Closing the eyes, however, can communicate more than typical mystery and trickery. Some eye abilities require the eyes to remain closed. To sharpen other senses, characters can choose to close their eyes during their training. Some anime characters fight with their eyes closed, indicating either their combat experience, excessive pride, or nefarious personalities.

ten Ichimaru Gin casts a worried look (Bleach)

Ichimaru Gin oozes mystery and unease with each of his appearances. The former Third Division captain, Gin’s eyes are closed for most of Bleach. His skills, sword abilities, and nonchalant attitude enrage his opponents, giving him a rational advantage in battle. The traitor only opens his eyes twice.

First, when he encounters Ichigo’s energized Getsuga Tenshou, his eyes open as he unleashes his own Bankai to counter Ichigo’s. And secondly, in one of Bleach more impactful moments, as he dies. His reason for following Aizen is revealed and he entrusts Ichigo with finishing the job.

9 Guila won’t look at you (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Guila is the main antagonist of The seven deadly sins‘ Capital of Death Arc. She is a Holy Knight of the Nation of Leones and is one of the New Generation Knights. They are apprentice knights whose abilities have been enhanced by their compatibility with demon blood. As a result, they lose their empathy and become increasingly belligerent.

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Despite Guila’s calm and gentle initial demeanor, her transformation into a Next Generation Knight leads her to be jubilant, ruthless, and obsessively determined to kill the version in the foreground. Although she faced the Fairy King, Harlequin, in a high-stakes battle, she doesn’t open her eyes at all.

8 Walter Yumasaki prefers eyes closed (Durarara!!)

Walker Yumasaki is the unconventional manga and anime nerd of Durarara!! He is mysterious, and his hysterical speech filled with anime and manga references causes people to often consider him a fanatic. However, this obscures his dark past and his penchant for administering pain and torture.

Walker was known as the “Otaku Hunting Killer”, an arsonist who set fire to extortionists claiming to be members of his former “Blue Squares” gang. His affinity for fire-based attacks and weapons adds to his evil mystique. His creepy grin and thin, slit eyes add threat and scare his opponents.

seven Satou has seen all there is to see (Ajin)

Sato, whose real name is Samuel T. Owens, is a seemingly cheerful, calm, and loving old man. However, he is a Ajin, a human who can generate invisible dark matter within himself. As a child, he captures many small animals and kills them, after which he shows no remorse even though his father berates him.

During Sato’s time as a Marine, he ruthlessly slaughtered their opponents, defying orders to bring back targets alive, choosing to kill them instead. He enjoys killing people for fun and is a deceptively adept tactician, taking out 20 Elite Swat members who had automatic rifles and tactical gear, with a shotgun and their eyes closed.

6 Kray Foresight doesn’t use the view much (Promare)

Kray Provident Promare is the embodiment of a hero. Brave, sacrificial, inspiring, and built to the proportions of the Greek gods, his role as President of Promepolis is fitting. However, like all slant-eyed characters, Kray hides his true nature under the smiling veneer. His desire is to be a hero loved and respected by all, no matter what.

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Although he found a way to keep Kray’s world from burning, he refuses to give up on the Parnassus plan. This plan would harness the excess magma expelled from the world and transport Promepolis to another planet. When confronted with his selfishness and hypocrisy, he calls his critics terrorists and kills nearly billions without a shred of regret.

5 Maiza Avaro could cut your eyes shut (Baccano!)

The soft-spoken, handsome, brown-clad accountant of the Martillo family is one of the immortals of Baccano! Maiza Avaro’s initial impression of a soft-hearted coward is quickly dismissed whenever he finds himself in a situation that calls for violence. Given his past role as the leader of the Rotten Egg Gang, his skill with a knife is unparalleled throughout the series.

Maiza is able to fight with the fierceness expected of a gangster and is extremely tactical with her movements. His sincerity, gentleness with others, and politeness with friends and foes alike make him seem less obnoxious.

4 Hyouma uses the sacred eye power of doujutsu (basil)

Basil is a fantasy martial arts anime set in the year 1614. The abilities on display are quite unconventional and make it an anime classic. The Kouga and Iga clans are fighting. Hyouma is selected to fight on behalf of the Kouga clan. He possesses a doujutsu (eye ability), which allows Hyouma to manipulate his opponents into killing themselves or having their attack backfire.

However, Hyouma’s version of the doujutsu is constantly active, forcing him to close his eyes so as not to hurt others. As a result, Hyouma is proficient in the effective use of his other senses and, coupled with his swordsmanship, makes him one of the Basil best fighters.

3 Chouza Akimichi isn’t big on the whole “seeing” thing (Naruto)

by Naruto Chouza Akimichi is part of the founding ensemble of the Ina-Shika-Cho trio and is Choji’s father. The Akimichi clan’s special ability is to turn calories into chakra. Chouza is proficient in his clan’s techniques, able to perform incredible feats such as stopping the tail of Shuukaku (a tailed beast) and knocking out the Asura Path of Pain.

Chouza is a gentle and caring man, with immense love for his son. He is also stern, urging Choji to bring out the best in him during battle. He has, of course, a big appetite, but an even bigger heart.

2 Nonohara Kaede is a practitioner of tough love (Hayate The Combat Butler)

In Hayate the Battle Butler, Nonohara Kaede is a combat butler assigned to the Azumamiya family. He is Koutaro Azumamiya’s servant. Nonohara has a weird smile constantly plastered on her face. Despite his initial kindness and politeness to friends and foes alike, he can be quite cruel.

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As a teacher, Nonohara often hits Koutaro in an effort to train him. He claims to do this as a method of instruction, but is deeply affected whenever Koutaro is in danger, a surprising weakness considering the front he puts up. He is proficient in Kendo, in which he always fights with his eyes closed.

1 Yoshinobu Gakuganji is a traditionalist director who has seen it all (Jujutsu Kaisen)

In Jujutsu Kaisen, Yoshinobu Gakuganji is the principal of Kyoto Jujutsu High. Given his age and knowledge of the wizarding world and its threats, he is for Itadori’s execution, not wanting to risk Sukuna’s resurrection. He is opposed to Gojo, whom he considers destructive and nonchalant with his abilities.

However, Yoshinobu has a soft spot for his students, as shown by his working with Gojo to save the students during the attack on Goodwill Event. When using his sound-amplifying techniques via guitar, Yoshinobu always closes his eyes, lost in the delight of his melodies and displaying supreme confidence in his sorcery.

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